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Toni Watson (previously Toni Tattis) is an Australian Author providing literature support for young children after the loss of their sibling. Her inspiration are her three beautiful earth children and her seven precious children she holds in her heart.

The loss of a baby through Miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or infant loss, is not only a devastating experience for parents, but the loss of a brother or sister can affect children in many ways too.

Validating young children's feelings is incredibly important but often parents are unsure of how to guide and support them through their grief. I Have a Baby Sister in Heaven, Toni's first published book, gently addresses grief in young children and offers parents a place to begin that special conversation.

Toni hopes to provide a space for parents to introduce a dialogue with their child about the loss of their sibling, and to keep that dialogue open and flowing, through her beautifully illustrated picture book as well as her simple and honest choice of language.

Their sibling remains a very special member of the family; their brief life meaningful and their memory sacred. When we show children beautiful, positive ways to remember and honour their sibling amongst the sadness, we are lifting their hearts with light, filling their hearts with love and warming their hearts with a great big hug. Most importantly, we are giving them tools to help them continue through their life experiences and understandings.

I Have a Baby Sister In Heaven is a gentle, sensitive and beautifully illustrated book that confirms what we know to be true - people die but our relationships with them live forever. Despite her own grief, Toni generously and lovingly acknowledges the reality of her daughter's grief for her sister, and for all the other siblings who live in the heart of the family. The quality of parenting bereaved children receive is the best predictor for the child's later ability to live with hope and joy, despite the pain of loss. Toni's book clearly demonstrates the gift of compassionate parenting.....

Dianne McKissock OAM, Co-Clinical Director, National Centre for Childhood Grief

I Have a Baby Sister in Heaven


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