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The Butterflybubz Collection

It can be difficult to find the right words or know where to start to support grieving children, especially when you may be grieving so heavily yourself after the miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or infant loss of your baby. Perhaps you work with children and are looking for picture books to support the grieving child through the loss of their sibling.

Literature is well known to be a powerful tool and springboard for education and healing. Toni's seven babies in heaven and her miracle earth daughter, are the inspiration behind this collection. Toni hopes that you and your child will find comfort in sharing beautiful moments together talking about, remembering and honouring a very special baby who will always be a part of your lives.

The Butterflybubz Collection was developed for grieving children:

to reinforce their sibling will always be a part of their family

to encourage them to talk about their feelings

to offer simple, honest and clear language surrounding loss

to offer coping strategies

to provide suggestions on how they can remember and honour their sibling

The Butterflybubz Collection was developed for parents:

to introduce and open a dialogue with your child

to encourage your child to share their thoughts and feelings

to gauge your child's understanding of their loss

to answer any questions your child may have

to provide memory creating ideas

to support you and your child gently through your time of loss

The Butterflybubz Collection includes:

"I Have a Baby Sister In Heaven"

I Have a Baby Sister in Heaven


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