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Hi Toni, Firstly I am so sorry for your loses, my thoughts are with you. I received my books the other day and just wanted to say thank you for creating such a beautiful book. When my husband and I read the book we couldn't believe how much it mirrors our life and how we remember our daughter/sister. I purchased the book for my 7 yr old son (who was 3) when his sister passed away. He will be able to relate to your greatly. And through your generous offer I was able to get an additional book for my 2 year old son who will be able to appreciate the book too when he is old enough to understand. Thank you again, it is a book my boys will cherish and be able to read when they are thinking of their sister. I would highly recommend your beautiful book, Sarah xxQuotes

Sarah M

I received my copy of your book today and just wanted to tell you how fabulous it is! We lost our youngest daughter, Imogen, suddenly in August 2012, aged 28 months, and have bought our elder daughter Caitlin, now 6, many books to help her since that tragic day - but none have touched her like this one. She loves the fact that not only does the main character have a sister in heaven just like her, but that she remembers her in many of the same ways; balloon releases, planting flowers in the garden, looking for the brightest star in the sky, birthday and Christmas rituals, the special candle and the memory box. She also loved the idea of Imogen sliding down rainbows just as she slid down the big pink slide in the garden over and over again (so do I!) and can't wait for summer to come to look for butterflies to bring us all kisses. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book - you truly are inspirational.

Michelle Tither

I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful book that I received in the post today. Both myself and my eight year old daughter Isabella absolutely loved reading it. My daughter also has a baby sister in heaven, called Chloe who passed away in 2012. For us it was so beautiful to read about another family who does the same things to honour and remember her sister like finding the brightest star, memory box, painting pictures and birthday and Christmas rituals etc. Seeing the smile on my daughter's face when she was looking at the beautiful illustrations to go with the truly beautiful story made me smile and so happy to see. She absolutely loved the rainbow, dancing with the angel friends and butterfly kisses. I feel like I have reached a turning point with Bella's grief as she recognizes that she does and always will have a baby sister and it is ok to do all the beautiful things we have been doing as there are others out there that do them also. So a very big thank you and very highly

Nicole L

He found it very relatable and enjoyed reliving moments spent, talking to his sister in my belly, and knowing she is in heaven and always a part of our family. He especially loved the parts where you mentioned the special teddy, as he has one too that he sleeps with each night, and the butterfly kisses. Every time he sees a butterfly, he'll say 'Hi Finnley! Mum look it's Finnley visiting!'.. Very sweet. Thank you for writing and sharing your families story, we love having physical things that he can relate to and remind him of the special time he spent with his baby sister or 'Finnley girl' as he likes to call her smile emoticon Many thanks, love and light to you and your family.

Rhiannon Grant

Going though such a difficult time, this book helped explain to my other children what has happened to their baby sister. It also helped them to understand that the emotions they were feeling was indeed "normal". So beautifully written, I love it! Especially the very first page, it makes the book uniquely just for my family. Thank you Toni, all the best for your future books.Quotes

Kelly Brown

Mother of 3 boys on earth and 1 precious daughter in 


I have two boys - one that lived through the loss of his sister and one that came after. Both boys are at different stages in their understanding of what it is like to have a sister they cannot see. Your book Toni was the perfect way for both boys to relate to the feelings they have about having a sister die. My eldest boy(8) loved the illustrations and the words and he smiled a sad knowing smile as he listened to me read. My younger boy (4) sat with interest to learn about his sister, to understand why we love someone we cannot see. He had some questions at the end that were provoked by the book that were just beautiful. Your book Toni, descibed the journey of a child's relationship to their angel sibling in a simple yet detailed way. It was easy to comprehend and adaptable to many families. It is the only child related book on understanding loss that I have bought because it was so very easy to relate to. It is a treasured gift to my living children - thank you

Kelly Merchant

Grief Support - Bears of Hope

Toni, It is such an honour and a privilege to know you. Since we met under random circumstances, I have watched you & your organisation flourish. Your kindness, compassion and complete and utter empathy for all bereaved parents and their families is abundant. Don't ever stop... people not only need you, but they want you in their lives. Proud of you? Definitely... Here for you? Always... Love you? Absolutely... Please never change - we love you just the way you are and your fabulous new book will help many people I know and many more in the future. All my love, Sarah x x xQuotes

Sarah Julian 

Thank You Toni x x x

"I Have a Baby Sister In Heaven' is a gentle, sensitive and beautifully illustrated book that confirms what we know to be true - people die but our relationships with them live forever. Despite her own grief, Toni generously and lovingly acknowledges the reality of her daughter's grief for her sister, and for all the other siblings who live in the heart of the family. The quality of parenting bereaved children receive is the best predictor for the child's later ability to live with hope and joy, despite the pain of loss. Toni's book clearly demonstrates the gift of compassionate parenting continually given to her surviving daughter. Hopefully, this book will encourage readers to facilitate the same kind of open conversations with children in the safety of their own family settings."

Dianne McKissock OAM, Co-Clinical Director 

National Centre for Childhood Grief

I have a Baby Sister in Heaven is a story about love between siblings and a connection that cannot be seen, yet cannot be broken. A beautifully written story about a delicate little girl searching to understand the realities of life and death. This story introduces some fantastic ways a child can express their emotions or thoughts about a sibling that may have never made it home. With so many families facing the loss of a baby, "I have a Baby Sister in Heaven" is a brilliant way to start creating an environment of acceptance and understanding in the young.

Amanda Bowles

President, Bears Of Hope

I Have A Baby Sister In Heaven by Toni Tattis is a very brave and personal story. There are sadly many families dealing with miscarriage and infant death, and Toni has written this inspiring book to help support those parents as they navigate their children through the loss of a sibling. Beautifully illustrated, I know this book will be as comforting for your children as it has been for my own.

Kate Gore

Mother of two, Bereaved Mum of five

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