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About Toni

Toni Watson is an Australian Author, Co-Founder of Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, a mother of seven babies in heaven and three children on earth.

During her University training to become an educator of young children, Toni knew that someday she would become an author of children's books. However, at the time, Toni had absolutely no idea what it would be about! This desire would lie dormant within her for many years. In 2010, whilst watching her fun-loving 5 year old jump on the trampoline, she had an incredibly overwhelming moment. With a crisp, white butterfly scooting around her daughter Izzy, (which would often visit them when least expected), Toni realised it took herself to experience the loss of seven babies, and the miracle birth of her daughter, to reignite that dream.

Toni found it extremely therapeutic to finally put some of her daughter's and her own story into words. She wanted to make it as personal as she could for Izzy to reflect how they remember her sisters in heaven with such abundant love; that it is possible to move forward in life with joy mixed in as well. Protecting her babies memories and supporting families has been invaluable to Toni's own healing journey and becoming an author has only strengthened this.

If her very first book, "I Have a Baby Sister in Heaven", brings comfort and support to families outside of her own than it has a greater purpose than she ever imagined.

Toni hopes to continue writing children's books to support the different experiences that young children face through the loss of their sibling.



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