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Thank you!

I would like to thank the following people for their inspiration, love, support, encouragement and skills to see my first children's book published.

Isabella Tattis - my miracle, my rock, my incredibly gorgeous daughter who inspired me to write this book to support her and other children who have also lost a sibling.

Rhys Alan, Jordyn Kate, Cooper James & Kate Annie, Jacinta Lee & Madelin Mackenzie, and James Tattis - my babies in heaven who lived ever so briefly but were here for a reason.

Warren Cooke - my gorgeous partner who gave me the incredible opportunity and encouragement to leave my teaching career to focus on writing and publishing my first book, supporting me day and night through the entire process.

Lyndsay Campbell - for her continued encouragement, feedback, critique and support over many morning coffees.

Phoebe Bakker - my super talented and creative illustrator who captured our story so beautifully in this book.

Jacquie Lee - my editor who generously donated her time and critique.

Emma Comito and Sarah Julian - for their feedback on what they wanted to see in a children's book after the loss of their baby.

Dianne McKissock, Amanda Bowles and Kate Gore - for their testimonials I am honoured to have received.

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