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Miracles do come true

I came across a metallic wristband whilst shopping recently which drew my grieving heart to the surface and a few tears to my eyes. My heart seemed to have stopped with the only movement coming from my eyes, and everything around me went quiet like someone had pushed the pause button. "Fall seven times. STAND UP EIGHT" were the words printed across it. I had never heard of this Japanes proverb before, yet every bit of it resonated in my heart and through every inch of my soul. It was timely that it appeared then and there, it wasn't a conincidence that I found it. There was a reason I found it that day.

My story is a rather lengthy one. Perhaps that is for another book someday so I will be as to the point as possible here.

Having gratuated as an Early Childhood Teacher in 1997 and pursuing a career as a Primary Teacher, I knew in my heart of hearts I was going to be a wonderful mum someday soon and start my own family. In 2001, I married my childhood sweetheart and we planned to start a family straight away. It was the most exciting time of my life.

A month later those 2 blue lines showed up and I was the proudest person alive. Life couldn't have been more grand and fulfilling. One afternoon at home and 11 weeks pregnant, I began spotting. I had never shaken so much in my life as I rang my doctor and I'll never forget those words that I could be possibly miscarrying my baby.

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